What Goes Into A Tasty Cup of Coffee?

At the Glasshouse Bistro and Café at the Enjoy Centre we use locally roasted beans from Iconoclast Koffeehaus here in Edmonton. The beans they import are from farms that belong to the Rainforest Alliance.

All of the beans that Iconoclast sources are direct trade meaning that they are sourced directly from farmers. Direct trade is seen as an alternative to Fairtrade certification, and we believe that direct trade is better than fair trade because: 

· Direct trade ensures that the money makes is all the way to the farmers instead of just being given to a middle-man (which is sometimes a problem with Fairtrade).

· Direct trade gives farmers a true incentive to sell us the ripest, and highest grade beans, which improves both the flavour and the roasting profile.

· Direct trade allows individual farms and smaller estates to participate. With Fairtrade, individual farms cannot be certified unless they are part of a larger cooperative.

· Direct trade lowers the costs involved for the farmers. With Fairtrade, there are many fees  and costs involved in participating, which makes it impossible for smaller operations to participate.

The blend we use in our house brew is an Ethiopian & Colombian mix that takes on a “light and bright” flavor profile.

The beans are roasted in a 15kg drum which our staff was lucky enough to see in person during a coffee training course held at Iconoclast.

We also got to take a tour of the roasting facility, which is in a garage type space, featuring a ping pong table and natural wood decor. We were also taught the most efficient way of producing latte art by a barista who was trained by two Canadian barista champions (she knows her stuff).

On top of that; our two lovely café sisters just came back from a New York trip where they tried some of the best cafés in the city. They came back with more knowledge and inspiration and are super excited to share it with you!

 Check out the first incarnation of inspired latte art!

A swan? Flamingo? What do you see?