Winos at the Bistro

Over the past few months our service staff have been taking part in a series of wine tasting nights to gain expertise on the new wines that we've introduced to our menu.

These tasting nights are made special not only because we get to drink wine and beer for work… but because our wine tasting hosts have great personal stories about the wine, vineyards, and wine makers as well. Most recently, we were lucky to have Dwayne from Artisan Wines and Stacey-Jo from Clarus Wine & Spirits & Nobilis Wine Importers, come in to talk to us about some of the wines they carry.

It reminded us that, like all good things, there is someone behind the making of the wines served in our bistroadding a personal touch and expertise that can’t be replicated.

Just like the food on our food menu, we choose wines that come from artisan vineyardssmaller production wines that have a history and a family behind them. We aren’t sommeliers for sure, but we can all taste the difference in quality from these wines compared to some of the more mass-produced wines.

The theme of our menu for January is "comfort food" and along these lines, we've picked 3 wines off our new wine list that are perfect for your dinner table. These wines are available in the Bistro of course, but you can also bring them home by purchasing them at  Liquid Harvest downstairs in the Enjoy Centre.

  • For a round of appetizers try a rosé like Colegiata de Bodegas Fariña (from Spain) because it will stand up to multiple flavors without being heavy. Fariña's rose is a rosy raspberry colour and comes packed with field berry fruit flavours. It has good weight on the palate, almost like a light red wine.  This is a great food wine for all tastes.
  • For the salad course the Paulessen Riesling is our staff favorite, hands down. It is semi-dry and very crisp. This wine stands up to many types of food.
  • Finally, the The Chateau Lauerie Bergerac Malbec (France) will pair well with a rich, savory entrée. It is full-bodied, dry red, with hints of fruit.

If wine isn’t your thing, but you enjoy sugar, spice, and everything nice, try our Spicebox Whiskey! It is beloved by all of our staff and is great on its own, or as an Old Fashioned.