Friday Night Fresh Menu

Every Monday morning, our chef Julia comes into the kitchen at the Glasshouse Bistro, makes an Americano, walks through the doors of our large walk-in cooler, and takes stock.

This is a ritual that all chefs do, and it’s where the creative genius comes out.

Maybe there is a veritable forest of parsley on hand, too many tomatoes, or perhaps an overabundance of corn or tomatillos fresh from the garden (thanks Valerie!). From here, the ideas start forming:

“Well, Pat from Inland Ocean Odyssey is flying in fresh Icelandic halibut this week… Shall we try that?”

“Evoolution’s blood orange infused olive oil would be divine in that cake I make! Fluffy cream cheese filling and voila!”

“Shaun wants to try out his new sous vide cooker… what can we make with that?”

This is how Friday Night Fresh Dinners are born. Always changing and always evolving, our Friday Night Set menus are a great value at $35 and they’re where our fresh, local ingredients get to show off.

A little tomatillo makes a delicious salsa verde for that halibut; the tomatoes make the homemade ketchup we can’t get enough of; and the parsley becomes the main ingredient in a chimichurri sauce that accompanies flank steak cooked to perfection.

Every Thursday, we’ll let you know all about our Friday Night Fresh set menu on our Facebook page and Twitter account (so be sure to follow us!) Then, we serve our latest creation while quantities last. Be sure to make a reservation by calling us at 780 651 7361 because they go quick!